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AntiHerpes Ointment Formulation


Product Description

Our AntiHerpes Ointment - SuperH has been formulated to treat both acute and chronic forms of Oral and Genital outbreaks.

This ointment is manufactured from natural ingredients with a lanolin and petroleum jelly base. It is hypo-allergenic and is used as a topical ointment (applied onto the affected area).

As it is made from natural homeopathic ingredients, are free of any known side-effects and can be safely applied onto children and adults alike.

You can order online or offline via Money Order.

Ointment Description 

When the incidence of Herpes outbreaks was growing out of proportion in Europe many people who could not get help from conventional practitioners, sort the assistance of alternative practitioners. Many disillusioned herpes sufferers consulted with homeopathic practitioners who treated them using homeopathic medicines. The use of these medicines became popular and spread to many countries in Europe and Asia where herpes was rife. These homeopathic remedies were popular amongst the successful homeopathic practitioners and we have used these time-tested ingredients in our AntiHerpes Ointment Formula.

We looked at the success of the past and joined our current scientific knowledge and formulated what we believe to be a ground breaking formula for Oral and Genital Outbreaks of all forms. We are so confident of the effectiveness of our formula that we are able to back it up with a money back guarantee. That sounds a bit strange! You may never hear your doctor say that about any of your conventional treatments.

We have carefully blended the right strength and concentrations of homeopathic ingredients and added a premium grade calendula tincture. This formula is made up into an ointment using lanolin and petroleum jelly base.

The ointment is easily applied onto the affected area and is absorbed through the skin and gets to work immediately right where it is needed.

It will effectively benefit you in the following ways
  • Help clear Oral (Cold Sore and Fever Blisters) and Genital (Blister) symptoms (All known symptoms)
  • Stop the itching and pain caused by Oral (Cold Sore and Fever Blisters) and Genital (Blister) Outbreaks
  • Reduce the swelling around the infected area
  • Enable you and your partner to enjoy your sexual activities.
  • Save you money- no more need for expensive drugs with nasty side-effects.
Side Effects

Our product - SuperH is made from safe and natural homeopathic ingredients which with are safe and have natural healing properties.

Our clinical test shown this remedy can be used safely with no known side effects by everyone including men, women, babies and during pregnancy. Unlike other products which may sting, cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or tiredness we assure you that you will not experience any of those unwanted symptoms with our product. Put our AntiHerpes Ointment - SuperH to the test and see what it can do for you. Order the AntiHerpes remedy now for only $59.95

Directions for Use
Rub the cream on and around the infected area two-three times a day for two weeks.

100% Money Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

We are so confident about the effectiveness of our product that we have a 100% money back guarantee to all those who feel that our AntiHerpes Remedy - SuperH hasn't met their expectations and treated their outbreaks.

Why should you take the risk of whether the product will work or not. Eliminate that risk and put the risk on us. The only thing you have to loose is your Oral and Genital outbreaks. Learn more about the money back guarantee.

Ordering Options

We are dedicated to accommodating each and every customer hence we offer different ordering options to everyone. You can buy our AntiHerpes remedy by online, offline using our Money Order or you can Contact Us so that one of our agent can help place the order for you.


Shipping options

Herpes is a virus which infects and affects people all over the world, no matter your race, culture, age or country that you live in, you can get infected. So we offer and ship our products to all the corners of the world via UPS and USPS.


The AntiHerpes remedy - SuperH is made from safe, effective natural homeopathic ingredient. All ingredient in SuperH are listed below:

The AntiHerpes Remedy vs Other Outbreak Products

We have spent years researching, refining our product with the help of renowned Doctors and well known homeopaths, which have come up with a cost effective product that has no side effects that work fast effective. Here is a direct comparison between the AntiHerpes remedy and other Outbreak remedies.

If you need help with anything regarding herpes you can email us on or call us on our toll free number: 877-8514-188 or 1-(800)-275-5795. Your privacy is protected at all times, that's our promise to you.

Order SuperH NOW for only $59.95, backed by a full no nonsense money back guarantee.



Please note: We understand that outbreaks are a very sensitive subject and we will protect your privacy. The label on the package does not expose the nature of the product. That is, we do not indicate that this remedy is for herpes on the label, ensuring your privacy.

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