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  1. About AntiHerpes
  2. Archive
    1. The difference between Cold Sores and Genital Outbreaks (Blisters)
    2. How is Herpes Zoster different from the Herpes Simplex Virus?
    3. General overview of Herpes
    4. Stress, work and herpes
    5. Herpes Simplex Virus 1
    6. Herpes Simplex Virus 2
    7. Variations of the Herpes Virus and what each means
    8. The relationship between Tinnitus and Zosters
    9. Varicella Zoster Virus
    10. Food, Herbs or Ointments that can be good or bad for Oral and Genital Outbreaks
    11. Shingles and HHV-3
    12. Vaginal Candida
    13. Gladiatorum herpes
    14. What is Mercury Toxicity?
    15. Natural Methods to Bring Symptomatic Relief for Oral and Genital Outbreaks
    16. The Relationship, if there is any, between Herpes and Cancer
    17. Living with an STD and how it changes your Life
    18. The Risks of Other Diseases been contracted for Those Affected with Genital Herpes
    19. The Prevalence of Herpes
    20. What Are the Factors that Can Cause Recurring Outbreaks?
    21. The factors that makes one more susceptible to Herpes?
    22. What is Herpes Zoster and How Does it Differ from Genital and Oral Herpes?
    23. Is There a Way of Getting Rid of Genital Herpes?
    24. Genital Herpes – Do You Know the Facts?
    25. How is Herpes Contracted and could someone have Herpes and Not Know?
    26. A Look at How one can Avoid Contracting Herpes
    27. Ways to Find Out Whether One has Genital Herpes
    28. Is it Possible to Have Sex without Infecting My Partner with Genital Herpes?
    29. Does Being Pregnant and Having Herpes Automatically Mean that the Baby Will Contract the Disease?
    30. Herpes Dating - General Consensus Amongst People About Dating Someone With Herpes
    31. Common Drugs for Herpes: Their Actions and Side Effects
    32. A look at Genital Herpes in Men as Opposed to Women
    33. Overcoming the Stigma Surrounding Herpes
  3. Archive2
    1. Chickenpox
    2. Arteriovenous Malformation
    3. Balanitis
    4. Bedsores
    5. Gonorrhoea
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  5. Diagnosis
  6. Diet and Nutrition
  7. FAQ
    1. How do you get Herpes (HSV-1- HSV-2)?
    2. When is the Herpes simplex virus contagious?
    3. What are the “Prodromal Symptoms” (early warning signs) of Herpes?
    4. Can you get Herpes from Oral Sex?
    5. Can you get herpes from sitting on a toilet seat?
    6. Can you get herpes from sharing a towel?
    7. Can you get herpes from using a hot tub or swimming pool with someone who has herpes?
    8. Can a herpes virus migrate to other areas of the body?
    9. Is there any connection between herpes and HIV?
    10. What are the risks to my unborn baby if I have genital herpes?
    11. Can my baby catch herpes from me (or someone else) after delivery?
    12. Can I breastfeed if I have a herpes outbreak?
    13. I have Herpes, what is the risk of contracting another sexually transmitted infection?
    14. Is there a cure for Herpes?
    15. Does Herpes cause cancer of the cervix?
    16. What is the difference between Cold Sores and Impetigo?
    17. I don’t have any symptoms of herpes, therefore I don’t have herpes.
    18. Can stress trigger an outbreak of herpes?
    19. Can herpes cause sterility?
    20. I have been in a monogamous relationship for several years with my partner and have just been diagnosed with herpes. Could my partner have cheated on me?
    21. Can I give blood if I have herpes?
    22. Can using a Condom protect me from getting Herpes?
    23. Can one have a test for Genital Herpes?
    24. Could I be unaware that I have Herpes?
    25. What are the two types of Herpes?
    26. What does a Herpes Lesion look like?
    27. Can one classify Herpes based on the area in which it develops?
    28. Is Herpes an Autoimmune disorder?
    29. What vitamins or alternative treatments are best to take when one has Herpes?
    30. I've never had herpes but I noticed my daughter/son has just developed a cold sore. How is this possible?
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Please note: We understand that outbreaks are a very sensitive subject and we will protect your privacy. The label on the package does not expose the nature of the product. That is, we do not indicate that this remedy is for herpes on the label, ensuring your privacy.

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